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ISNDS is a set of Delphi components to access Microsoft's Active Directory.  ISNDS will work with all Delphi versions starting with Delphi 2009.

ISNDS makes it easy to create, access, search and manipulate objects within Active Directory.

  •     Methods to search AD for objects.
  •     Methods to enumerate OU contents,
  •     List Group memberships (with full recursion)
  •     Modify users group memberships and reset passwords.
  •     Query information on the a Domain or Forest level.
  •     Work with local servers using the WinNT provider.
  •     Get and set property values.
  •     Sample programs included with compiled executable.

ISNDS is free for commercial and non-commercial work as long as credit is given in part to Nick Tucker.

ISNDS can be downloaded here